About Being Grandpa

Once upon a time…

I started Being a Grandpa

…and life has never been the same!

I am Grandpa…

…to two beautiful girls, Evie and Maisie. They are two years, eleven months and eleven months old at the start of this journal.

…I say journal

I could have said journey…

…but I dislike that saying for some reason. A journal fits as this is both a diary of sorts and a magazine.

…Who are the characters?

The Old Git…

Being Grandpa: Grandpa


The Cool Dude…

Being Grandpa: Evie


The Bambino…

Being Grandpa: Maisie


I called this a diary…

Hopefully, I will keep it updated with things we have done as a family. I would like to create a cartoon strip of trips out and other noteworthy happenings.

But don’t hold your breath.

…I also said magazine.

It’s a magazine…

I will look at toys and things that might help other grandpas decide what to buy for their beloved grandchildren. OK, it’s not limited to grandpas. Also, there might be a section on tips, but I might need help creating that section.

…This is still a concept.

The Concept…

I wanted to create a website that looked like a comic, using four colours and the text at the top and bottom of each block.


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